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A R M A D I L L O     F A C T S

Armadillos only come out when it is very cloudy, late in the afternoon or at nightfall. This is because their eyes are very sensitive to light.
The armadillos' diet ranges from ants, spiders, grubs, earthworms, mole crickets, larvae, and frogs to other invertebrates as well.
The armadillo will dig a burrow as long as 15 feet in which to bear their young.
Armadillos are found throughout the Southern U.S. They are primarily found in Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas, Alabama, Mississippi,Louisiana, Georgia, and Florida.
The nine-banded armadillo has a body length of between 15-17 inches with a tail that is an additional 14-16 inches long. They usually weigh between 8-17 pounds.
The female armadillo almost always bears 4 young, which are always the same sex. These young are formed from the same egg and are born in a furrow in March.
The armadillo will not survive in areas where the soil is too hard. The primary reason for an armadillo digging a hole or furrow is to search for food. Although considered a nuisance by homeowners, many other wildlife species benefit from these holes.

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